Before Jam Factory became the lifestyle and entertainment hub of the Chapel Street precinct, the building originally served as a brewery between 1858 and 1876.

After the brewery closed, food preservation business Victorian Preserving Company took over the building. Within four years of operating, the company was employing 230 people, making it the largest employer in Prahran at the time. The company was nicknamed the ‘Red Cross’ preserving company.

In 1895, the business changed hands and was renamed ‘OK’ Jam Co. By 1950, there was a significant downturn in the jam industry, as consumers began eating more fresh fruit. By 1970, the production of preserves and jams at the Chapel Street factory ceased completely.

In 1979, the site began to transform into what we know it as today – on 9th October the building opened as the Jam Factory shopping centre.  Initially costing more than twenty million dollars to develop, the Jam Factory has since had a few makeovers to get it to where it is today: South Yarra’s premiere lifestyle and entertainment precinct.